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Colourful Sweet Potato, Chocolate Sourdough Bread Sold By Couple and 3 Kids From HDB Flat

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Channel News Asia (CNA) 

Home-Based Food Businesses Say Safety Guidelines Drive Up Costs By As Much As 30%



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Hello, I'm Gina, a stay-at-home mother to three boys. Welcome to my page! Baking with Gina was co-founded in 2016 with my hubby, Ethan, to fulfill my childhood baking dream. I picked up baking as a hobby & gained knowledge through self-learning from online recipes, recipe books, and video tutorials. My three boys are the ones that constantly inspire me with their cravings, which allowed me to explore different varieties of bakes, tastes, and techniques. During my initial journey, I often love sharing my bakes with my family and close friends to garner valuable feedback. My family especially my three boys are always been my biggest fans! Their constant positive feedback & encouragement fuelled my confidence to vend my signature handcrafted cookies, pineapple tarts, and chantilly cream cakes.   

Soon after, I began to discover the excitement of bread making using wild yeast as it's known to be healthier and more nutritious. In 2019, I started my research in cultivating wild yeast using organic apples, water, flour and named it Annie. And I'm very thankful (until today), I'm blessed to meet many avid home-bakers who are willing to share insightful information, tips & experience, my artisanal sourdough bread-making journey has thus evolved. Through all the knowledge and experience gained, I developed myriad fun, easy-to-use recipes and share them with the community. With that, I also created unique types of CRUSTY SOURDOUGH TIN LOAVES that are made using a loaf pan apart from the usual batard or boule style and they are sold out almost every week. 


My hubby has been the most encouraging and spontaneous towards my passion. In 2020, he took the leap of faith and join hands with me to build this humble home-based business together.  And so, our story continues...

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34 NIV