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Our Story

The Co-Founders / Husband-and-Wife Team

Ethan Ng & Gina Tan

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Founded in 2016, Gina's initial baking journey was set off to satisfy the cravings of her family. She began experimenting with various recipes and handmade her first-ever lactation cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pineapple tarts, and sandwich loaf bread!​

As a mother of three, providing healthier and more nourishing food to her family is important, hence she started extensive research on baking. This follows the inception of cultivating wild yeast (we named it Annie)for its higher nutritional benefits when leavening sourdough bread. The trial journey led them to the creation of their best seller — the CRUSTY SOURDOUGH TIN LOAVES, which is quite similar to regular sourdough bâtard/boulè, but it's made in a square loaf tin based on calibrated ingredients proportion and special shaping techniques. 

In 2020, her most encouraging and spontaneous hubby, Ethan took the leap of faith and join her to manage their growing business together. And, their story continues...

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Home-Based Food Businesses Say Safety Guidelines Drive Up Costs By As Much As 30%

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