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Building Apple Yeast Water

Updated: May 24, 2021

Are you excited to begin your own sourdough journey? It all started with an organic apple, filtered water and raw sugar. That's how I started my journey with my beloved starter, Annie. Keep your starter active, healthy and happy. In return, it will leaven your bread with love. There's a saying: "Happy Starter Gives You Happy Bread."

I am glad to be able to share the process of building your own apple yeast water. Here's the post reminiscing how I went through the initial journey, I hope it is helpful in kick-starting the sourdough passion in you!

All you need is an Organic Apple, 500ml Filtered Water and 30g Raw Sugar!

What is Apple Yeast Water?

It is basically combination of fruit and water, left to ferment in a warm environment (approx. 26-30°C). The objective is to harvest the natural yeast presence on the fruit, therefore using apple yeast water to cultivate your sourdough starter will be more effective.


Day 1

  • Prepare a clean glass jar with a holding capacity of at least 1 litre, scald the jar with hot water and air dry it completely

  • Wash and cut the apple into small pieces, leaving skin on

  • In the clean jar, add cut apples, raw sugar and filtered water

  • Stir well with a clean spoon, store it in a warm and dark corner (or inside kitchen cabinet)

Day 2 to 6

  • Open the jar and stir it or shake the jar

  • Do it twice a day and repeat the procedure throughout day 2-6

Day 7

  • Harvest the apple yeast water by sieving out the yeast water into another jar

  • Store it in the fridge and use it within the week to cultivate the sourdough starter

Day 1 - Combined organic apples, filtered water, raw sugar, give it a good mix and it's ready to grow!
Day 2 - bubble starts forming. Remember to stir it twice a day:)
Day 3 - apple skin changes colour, don't worry they are fine. Continue the procedure of stirring twice a day.
Almost forgot to snapped a pic on day 4 :D
Day 5 - noticed fuzzing sound, repeat my stirring procedures......
Day 6 - more bubbles forming, it's almost ready, hang on there!
Day 7... Finally! Now, let's harvest the apple yeast water and cultivate your own sourdough starter! XOXO
Top view of day 7 shot, the apple should shrunk and turned slightly brown, but make sure you don't spot any mold:)

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