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Buttered Oat Sourdough Waffle

Updated: May 24, 2021

Waffle and Pancake - the process of making is so simple and straightforward. Be it cooking it with a nonstick pan or waffle maker.

Eaten as a dessert, savoury dish or anything that suits your palette. My way of eating waffle is always, toasted, and slapped with a ginormous scoop of ice-cream or just maple syrup and fresh fruits or berries!


Sourdough Discard 500g

Large Egg 1

Baking Soda 1tsp

Sea Salt 1/2tsp

Fresh Milk 40g

Sugar 20g (optional)

Honey 40g

Unsalted Butter 40g

Baby Oat or Rolled Oat 40g


  • Melt butter, toast oat till golden brown and set it aside and cool

  • Using a whisk, mix the rest of the ingredients together, add toasted oat and rest 30 minutes

  • Follow your waffle maker instructions and prepare accordingly


  • This recipe yields approx. 3 waffles (8-inch)

  • Bring the sourdough discard room temperature before usage

  • Frozen sourdough discards can be used for this recipe, please thaw completely

  • This is not fluffy pancakes, rather it’s slight chewy and soft

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